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Chess Clocks DGT for use at tournaments, training and other games

Brand: DGT
With the DGT2500 chess clock, players get all the information they need at a single glance. The customized font and the large screen make it very easy to read the time.The 36 pre-programmed and manual settings of the DGT2500 offer a wide variety of options. A new feature introduce in this clock is t..
130.00 лв.
Brand: DGT
The DGT 1002 is the econimical choice of the chess players and amateurs for training and games at clubs or home use.The DGT 1002 features countdown and up-count and has two large buttons on the top left and right to operate the timer.Pre-fixed times for the game can be chosen miltiple to 30 seconds ..
60.00 лв.
Brand: DGT
The DGT Easy Plus is the practical choice of a lot of chess professionals and amateurs for training, but also of the chess organizers for smaller tournaments.  It is practically unbreakable and ideal for children, schools, chess clubs and home use.It combines absolute simplicity&..
80.00 лв.
Brand: DGT
The best DGT clock in production from 2015.Specially designed for use at live broacast (possibility to connect to all e-boards), international and standard tournaments.In full accordance of FIDE requirements.Some features:- big display showing hour, minutes and seconds from the start- 25 pre-set tim..
150.00 лв.
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