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Chess board RPF Deluxe Black Tulip 55mm field size, 55cm, letters and figures (Queen's Gambit variant)

Handmade chess board. This model combines the colors of the elegant stained black of the tulip wood with the pecked cream color of the root wood. Its surface has a matte varnish that enhances the richness of the wood tones and provides a smooth texture for the chess pieces to slide with precision.

This is the official chessboard from the award-winning Queen’s Gambit series used by series protagonist Beth Harmons in the 1968 Tournament of Champions final in Moscow, in which she faced Russian chess champion Vasily Borgov.

With letters and figures.


2,6 kg


13 mm

Field square

55 mm

Board Size

55 cm

Board Property

Inlaid Wood

Light Squares


Dark Squares

Black Tulip

Material Board


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